City Racing

Win credits to upgrade your car as you participate in various events in this sandbox racing game

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    Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 10

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City Racing 2017
City Racing 2014

Race along city streets against the computer or other players who are online.

This game doesn't start with a shiny new car. You have to take a wrecked car to a mechanic who gives you a little advice on how to play the game. Once your car is fixed, you can race to earn credits to upgrade the car. It's wise to drive around the city for a while to see where some of the side roads are located and to get a handle on the layout of how the roads turn. You'll find events that are set up in the city that you can race in or find opponents on the roads who are ready for a challenge. Some of the upgrades that you can make to your car after earning credits include better tires, a better suspension system, better handling and a better motor so that you have more horsepower. You can also trade your car or buy a new one if you have enough credits. There are events where you can win cars.

The city that you race in is an ordinary city with nothing spectacular. The graphics aren't great, but they are decent enough so that you can get a feel for racing. There aren't a lot of upgrades that you can make to your car to make it fast, so the game does tend to get boring after you've raced all of the events. Sometimes, the car you're driving feels more like a robot. It's hard to turn corners or stop when needed. One of the fun aspects of the game is that police cars can stop you if you're driving too fast and they catch up with you on the road.


  • Upgrade your car
  • Several events


  • Graphics aren't great
  • Sounds need improved

City Racing is a free, sandbox racing game that allows players to race around a city that has not been named. The game starts when a car that has been destroyed is taken to a garage. The mechanic who accepts the car provides some information regarding the background of the game and the different characters that are in the area. He provides some basic guidelines and tips, as well as ensures that the player has a car to get around the city. Once the preliminaries have been completed, the actual game play begins.

Similar to most sandbox racing games, the main focus of the game is exploring the city, gaining experience and other types of points that will allow new features for the car to be unlocked, as well as gain different rankings. Credits can be earned to purchase a new car or accessories for a current car by performing different tasks. These tasks could include winning races, transporting goods or finding various people. This game is not originally in English, so any writing in the game or any dialogue between the characters is poorly translated. This can prove amusing to the player, because it obscures some of the meaning behind the dialogue in entertaining ways.

Pros of Installing City Racing:

  • Free Download: This game is free to download, which is excellent because it allows entertainment to be gained for a very low price.
  • Large City to Explore: The exploration part of the game is by far the best part, because the city is so large. There are a wide variety of different activities to perform and, because the map is so big, there are many different opportunities for a player to attempt to perform stunts and take advantage of the game's flexible physics engine. It also gives the player a sense of being truly able to explore, rather than being hemmed in by a small world.
  • Fast Installation Process: This game does not take long to install, because it is not a particularly large file and will not overwhelm a person's computers. This allows a player to get started racing as soon as possible.

Cons of Installing City Racing:

  • Ridiculous Physics Engine: The physics engine, or the alogorithm and software that determines precisely how a vehicle and the environment will react to certain motions, is not at all realistic. This can break immersion for some gamers and, in some cases, make the game difficult to play because the physics engine is not always consistent. This is not a game for a person who is seeking a highly realistic racing experience in any sense. It is acceptable for those who are just looking to kill time.
  • Boring, Similar Graphics: Although the city is very large, it is very difficult to navigate because the graphics are all the same. It is hard to determine where a person is precisely because there are no landmarks. The graphics are also boring to look at.

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